The PURPOSE of a Rotary District Conference & Assembly

The PURPOSE of a Rotary District Conference & Assembly

The purpose of the district conference is to provide opportunities for networking, inspirational addresses, and discussions of Rotary-related matters.

The event should recognize the service programs, projects, and public relations achievements in the district in order to inspire Rotarians to become more involved in service.

The conference should also give Rotarians and clubs a vision of Rotary beyond the club level and provide a memorable fellowship experience. Many Rotarians have said that they were never truly enthusiastic about Rotary until they saw an inspirational presentation at a district conference.

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At a minimum, your district conference program/itinerary should address the following:

  1. Schedule the RI president’s representative’s two conference addresses and the brief remarks at the end of the conference.
  2. Discuss and adopt the audited financial statement from the previous Rotary year.
  3. Approve the district levy, if it was not approved at the district assembly or presidentselect training seminar.
  4. Elect the district’s representative to the Council on Legislation, during the Rotary year two years before the Council meets, if the district chooses not to use the nominating committee procedure.
  5. Elect the member of the nominating committee for the RI Board of Directors, as appropriate for your zone.

All members of the district leadership team should promote and attend the conference as part of their responsibility to support effective Rotary clubs. Their attendance allows the district governor to recognize their efforts and encourages others to serve beyond the club level.

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All Rotarians in the district are encouraged to attend the district conference. It is the duty of the club president to ensure that the club is properly represented. All club presidents and presidents-elect should attend.

Many districts also use the conference as an opportunity to discuss district business, such as financial reports from the treasurer, gain support for district activities and challenges, recognize new clubs, present district awards, and obtain club input on the use of the District Designated Fund.

Richard Omwela and Dorothy 4

You will be hosted by DG Richard Omwela and his wife Dorothy. The district governor presides over the DCA and ensures the event highlights the many service opportunities available through Rotary and the Foundation.