6 reasons why you MUST attend the 2017 District Conference & Assembly in Kisumu

The 92nd District Conference and Assembly (DCA) that will be hosted at the great Lakeside city of Kisumu – Kenya’s third largest City on 20th – 23rd April, 2017.

The DCA will be held at the Tom Mboya  Labour college named after Joseph Thomas  Mboya arguably Kenya’s best Minister since independence  from the 20th to 23rd, April 2017. As a Rotarian, why MUST you attend the DCA?

1. Meet many Rotarians in one place – This is a perfect opportunity to network and share ideas with other Rotarians. You will also get to know the amazing projects going on around the Country. A DCA is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding privileges of Rotary membership.

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2. Meaningful membership – A DCA is for all club members and their spouses, not just for club officers and committee members. The purpose of a DCA is for fellowship, good fun, inspirational speakers and discussion of matters which make one’s Rotary membership more meaningful.

3. Very rewarding experience – Every person who attends a DCA finds that being a Rotarian becomes even more rewarding because of the new experiences, insights and acquaintances developed at the conference. Those who attend a conference enjoy going back, year after year.


Yummy!! Delicious Tilapia; a reason to visit Kisumu!

4. A very important Rotary event – Every one of Rotary’s more than 500 districts has a conference annually. These meetings are considered so important that the Rotary International president selects a knowledgeable Rotarian as his personal representative to attend and address each conference. You should not MISS!

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5. Become a better Club member or leader – One of the unexpected benefits of attending a DCA is the opportunity to become better acquainted with members of one’s own club in an informal setting. Lasting friendships grow from the fellowship hours at the district conference.

6. A holiday away from the usual – This is a good opportunity to take a break, visit a new City and have fun with like minded people interested in serving humanity. Plus you can tour interesting places as group and promote local tourism.

Now what are you waiting for? Register HERE!

Purpose of a DCA

The purpose of the district conference is to provide opportunities for networking, inspirational addresses, and discussions of Rotary-related matters. The event should recognize the service programs, projects, and public relations achievements in the district in order to inspire Rotarians to become more involved in service.

The conference should also give Rotarians and clubs a vision of Rotary beyond the club level and provide a memorable fellowship experience. Many Rotarians have said that they were never truly enthusiastic about Rotary until they saw an inspirational presentation at a district conference.


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